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Feb 25, 2013
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Activate Your Chakras, Enhance Your Mind Power, Enjoy Better Health and Reduce Stress With Sound Therapy, The Secret To Long Term Health, Creativity, Vitality and Happiness Through The Energy Of Creation.Use Better Focus to enjoy the benefits of a laser-beam focus Use Better Focus to complete your tasks with higher speed and higher qualityUse Better Focus to solve complex tasks with crystal clear mindUse Better Focus to boost up your efficiencyUse Better Focus to make what seemed impossible, possibleUse Better Focus to enjoy high performance while staying calm and balancedBetter Focus brainwave meditation is designed to help the brain stay focused and sharp, removing the brain fog and creating perfect conditions for performing complex mental tasks, brainstorming, studying, analyzing, or performing any task that requires high level of concentration. Better Focus brings the efficiency levels of the brain up and improves its overall capacity. Users Help:
1)This hypnosis product has been proved to be safe, effective, without any side-effect.
2) Choose a quiet location where there will be no disturbances.
3) Keep the body in a comfortable and relaxed state free from strain or stress, one could wear night wear (pajamas), or if in the office loosen one's belt and tie.
4) Choose a comfortable position.
5) Remove contact lenses or accessories.
6) Don't undergo treatment on an empty or full stomach.
7) Don't undergo treatment whilst under the influence of alcohol.
8) During hypnosis everything should be natural. Listening should be attentive while the music is played, instructions by hypnotist should be followed , while the goal of the hypnosis should not be forced.
8) Do not listen to the hypnotic music while driving, cycling or walking.
9) People with a history of epilepsy or mental diseases should not undergo this treatment.We recommend:
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