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Aug 04, 2011
2.1 and up
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BestScoreEnglish Lite version


BestScoreEnglish Lite version Description

It is a golf score management application program where 20000 download was recorded by the iPhone application program.

It is finally appearance as the Android application program.

*Here becomes LITE version (trial version).
*An advertising display is done.
*The number of rounds that can be registered becomes only one.

It comes corresponding to the demand as much as possible just like the iPhone version.
They are made to advance to become a better application every day.

'Best score'(Best Score)

It becomes the Android version of the application that manages the golf score in which popularity is gotten in the iPhone version. It is possible to use it with a lot of smart phones (Android) except iPhone.
‘I want to concentrate the round inside on play as much as possible” is similarly valued, and minimum operativeness and easiness to use are made basic.  

Effect and feature of Best Score

1.Because the score need not be calculated in the round for myself, it is possible
to concentrate on play.

2.Because the ability value at that time of that day is understood at one view only
from doing one place of the score card screen the tap, maintenance
and the change of feelings are possible.

3.Need not take it out of the pocket as much as possible to concentrate on play,
the function and the entry task are limited.

[It begins to take from the pocket at once, and it is possible to put it away at once] this is the best feature of this application program.

It comes to iPhone similar version aiming at the improvement of the Android version
application program that becomes it by wanting to pile up the upgrade even if it is original,
and to carry “Best score” to the golf course every time further to be familiar with many
people though the function becomes as follows in the Android version.


BestScore function(Android version)
1.Score input
Round information registration, correction, and deletion
(golf links, weather, and member 1-4 person at date)
Score input (Only the score up to four people and we can input the number of putts).
The state of Driving accuracy of the tee shot of each hall can be input.
The frequency of each hall of OB, WH, and the bunker can be input.
Score counter (The miscalculation is prevented by counting while doing the round).
Lock function
(The Miss touch and the malfunction are prevented . The score input and
the counter screen can be locked. )
Driving accuracy rate on that day
Number of average putts on that day
Greens in regulation on that day
Green in my regulation on rate on that day
Score card output (Preserve it in the camera roll).

2.Round List
Addition of Round data
It one-touch moves to head or the end of round list.
Sort function (order of score, and order of the weather of the play
day ,order and golf links (code))

3.Golf Diary and Photography
Memo function
Taking a picture function

4.Score analysis and statistics
It is a simultaneous display
Driving accuracy
Green in my reguration
Average putts
Above-mentioned 3 graph
Average score (straight line graph and range specification of years)
Average score according to putt score (others,eagle, birdie, par, bogey, and double bogey)
analysis (others ..chip Inn, one putt, two putts, and three putts.)
stroke average (A short and middle and each long hall)
weather (weather icon & average score).

5.Golf links management
New course registration (course name and number of pars of each halls)
Retrieval function
Correction and deletion

6.Player management
New player registration (name)
Retrieval function
Correction and deletion

7.Optional setting
Change in name of owner (Can it make to my name, and nickname change).
Display setting of score analysis (Today’s)
Score card output setting
(display/non-display of OB, WH, and bunker mark & frequency)
Size adjustment of character of golf diary
The player management row order adjustment

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