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Aug 28, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.8
Rating: 363

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Best Funny Ringtones Pack


Best Funny Ringtones Pack Description

Hilariously funny LOL Ringtone Pack. Pick this one up!

Best Funny Ringtones Pack! High quality Hilarious LOL Ring tones.

10 Regular ring tones and 39 total easily unlockable 39 funny ringtones. Unlock by simply inviting friends via text.

Funny ringtones include:
- Achmed Knock Knock
- Baby Crying with AutoTune
- Baby Got Back, Chipmunks Style
- Bad Gas
- Bird Is The Word
- Born in the Woods, Raised By A Bear
- Car Alarm
- Chevy Chase Cussing Fit
- Christmas Time In Hell
- Contesta
- Baby Got Back V3
- Crazy Frog Goes to India
- Daves Not Here
- Don't Answer The Phone Guy
- Funny Farm
- HaHa - Nelson from The Simpsons
- Heroic Answer Your Phone
- Heyah
- Hi Sexy Good Looking
- Homer Simpson Talk
- How Would You Like To
- I'm About To Whip Somebody's Ass
- Konichiwa
- Kyles Moms A Bitch
- Milkshake V2
- Mountain Dew
- Oh My God They Killed Kenny!
- Pick Up The Phone
- Pinky And The Brain V2
- Shout, Homer Simpson Version
- Stalker
- Sven Hair Removal
- The Clinic Phoned
- The Green Button
- Their Coming To Take Me Away
- This Phone Is Ringing
- White and Nerdy
- Whose A Good Pig
- Windows XP Remix Gone Bad

SMS Send Permission is ONLY used on the invite feature. You have an option to pick at least 5 friends to invite via text or you can have it auto invite all. No contact info from you or your contacts are stored or shared.

Features Include:
- Set as default ringtone
- Set to a contact
- Download as mp3
- Unlockable Premium Ringtones

Make sure to keep the app installed to maintain the Premium unlocked feature.

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Google Play Comments

Doesn't work!!!!Too bad because I love all the ringtones but it doesn't let me download or do!! :(
SucksIt doesn't let me download anything -_- Samsung galaxy S II
Paul Xyrus
Sorry need to deleteYou can't download so its useless

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