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Aug 05, 2012
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 38283

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Battery Indicator


Battery Indicator Description

Your exact battery level shown in your status bar.

Battery Indicator shows your battery charge level (percent) as an icon in your status bar, with temperature, health, voltage, and time since plugged / unplugged in the notification area.

• Simple and straightforward
• Easy access to system Battery Use screen
• Very lightweight (please email me if you think otherwise, and I'll help you figure out what's wrong — I promise this app will not drain your battery.)
• Now shows 1% increments even on most Motorola devices (option needs to be enabled on devices that default to 10% increments)
• No ads
• Open source

The Pro/Donate version has MANY more features: estimated charge/discharge time, logging, alarms, colored icons, icon plugins, themes, ability to disable the lockscreen, and more customization. Please consider upgrading if you'd like any of those features, or just to say, "Thank you."

• It's not possible to replace the built-in battery icon

** The app works perfectly for me on all (10+) test devices, and it works perfectly for most people, as far as I can tell. If the app does not work perfectly for you, please fill out a bug report. I can't possibly help you if you don't contact me! Feel free to leave comments here AS WELL, but if you only leave a comment here, there's no way for me to contact you to solve the problem! **

*** I've seen several comments from people who think there are ads in this app. There are not, never have been, and never will be ads in either the Free or Paid version. If you're seeing ads, they're coming from somewhere else! ***

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Google Play Comments

Was great...Used to be awesome but now it closes when i clear open apps and it didn't used to:/ so annoying. Great app tho, if you dont clear active apps a lot you'll love this or if you use advanced task killer
November 6, 2012
very precise information about the battery status. doesn't make the phone's battery decrease more rapidly. love it! 
GreatThis app is very lite, anyone complaining about this app draining battery needs to download watchdog. PS- if u are dumb enough to use a task killer, don't complain when tasks don't work (duh)

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