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Sep 06, 2011
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 3.9
Rating: 74

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Battery Double


Battery Double Description

☼☼ Is your device ALWAYS Running Out of Battery? Get Battery Double NOW! ☼☼

Must-Have App for Android Multitasking users.

☼ Battery Double is especially for users who are experiencing a faster discharge of their battery life after the device had been in operation for a long period of time.

☼ Battery Double is the only application that allows your battery to maintain a full cycle charge.

This is why it is the best battery application available on the market.

☼ By running the app in the background you will get more out of your battery.

"The ideal battery app for heavy Android users" - John McCormick

"By far the best battery app reviewed so far" - DailyAppCravers.

"Stunning! Try it!" - App Preview Experts

More than 85% of the users world-wide are finding this app useful. They are enjoying playing games, listening to music, watching video more and more using this app!

Works best on a device installed with Android 2.2 and above.

If you have an external battery for your Android Device, the total level can be shown in the app too.

- Increase in Audio / Video playback time
- Increase in talk time
- Increase in 3G / WiFi time
- NOTE: DOES NOT increase standby time.

** Battery Double works on Android phones and tablet devices. So you get this app once and you can install it on all of your favourite gadgets.

--- Features ---

- The total battery life is now split into two battery docklet views, each showing 50% of the total battery capacity.

- When the docklet on the left is half emtpy, it indicates that your device still has 75% of battery life in total.

- When the docklet on the right is half empty, it indicates that your device has only 25% of battery life left in total.

- This app gives you a double perspective of your device's battery life and hence increase the user's awareness of battery usage.

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Google Play Comments

App spy?What is it doing for me? How can this help me safe battery power, only seems active if I open it. Maybe I am missing something here or this app does nothing to save battery power. Have not seen any improvement and why the hidden server Why?
Oh yes it does work to a point...Update: This app does work by killing apps deep in the background that are cached. Dev needs to update it does not work as well another in the market called power save mode enabler. Which does the same but much better. This app lies to the user says 10 hours of talk time? Yea right! Also the pretty pictures don't stay the way I want them set. And I think this thing relays information back to someone, please check its privacy requests.
Diz is suck ! ! !Its not worth it...wat a waste purchase diz...

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