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Oct 31, 2012
2.1 and up
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Battery Booster


Battery Booster Description

Battery Booster - Boost Your Battery's Running Time and Max Battery Life

Battery Booster is an all-in-one battery boosting and power management tool for both Android smartphone and tablet. It provides the most accurate battery information, keeps track of the recent battery changes, monitors battery-draining processes, and helps you deal with various battery wasting situations at ease.


*Battery Booster•NEW UI•NEW FUNCTION*
- Interactive design
- Automatic battery saving mode
- Battery usage track & monitor
- Quick network & screen control

Supported language: English, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Arabic, Hindi, Persian

*Feature details*
- Real-time battery usage tracking
Battery Booster provides real-time battery information, including battery level, battery temp, remaining battery usage time, and so on.

- Battery saving mode to save battery at all conditions
Battery Booster offers four preset battery saving modes to help you save more power. These modes watch your system performance and save battery at all possible situations. Besides, personalized modes are welcomed to be added if you need advanced battery saving techniques.

-Battery graph to track battery level/temp/voltage change
Three graphs are given in Battery Booster to track the recent three days battery information, including battery level, temp, and voltage. You can use these statistics to analyze and find out the most effective battery saving mode for yourself.

-Monitor battery consumption of each running program
Battery Booster keeps an eye on all running processes, and shows you the battery consumption ratio of each process. With this information, you will easily find out the battery-draining processes, stop or uninstall them to enhance battery life.

-Quick Settings and Homescreen widget
For easy management of daily used elements, fifteen quick control buttons are available to be added on Homescreen: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile data, Airplane, screen timeout, brightness, haptic feedback, etc. It only takes one line space to add these buttons, yet with them you will no longer need the system settings to adjust network or screen. If widget is not your choice, these buttons are available in Battery Booster settings, too.

-Task Killer to save more battery
Battery Booster saves battery by killing running background processes. For apps that you do not want to kill, you can use Whitelist Manager to protect. Furthermore, with the advanced task manager (Memory Booster - Android RAM Optimizer), Battery Booster can perform better and help you get the best battery saving results!

* Interactive design for easy control
* Simple yet effective battery saving features
* Battery saving mode to automatically manage battery-related settings
* Monitor battery usage to extend battery running time
* Manage running processes to reduce battery draining
* Ad-supported free version available

For more information, please visit

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freaking awesomme S.GALAXY YBefore installing it, i just thought that let me try out this and then just change it off.. but now i realized the usage of this.. its sooo awesome that it is a battery indicater and a battery optimizer(saver) too.. Just install this app and FIRSTLY ADD ITS WIDGET.. THE BEST THING about the WIDGET is that it has each and every options n works super fine on all my android phones.. ( ^_^ ) HATSSS OFFF TO ITS BEST WIDGET.. *****i would rate it 10 stars***** JUST CHECK OUT WITH THE WIDGET AND U WOULD LOVE IT...
GarbageTurns off my internet and turns on my GPS... I have had this for a couple of months and don't see any difference in my battery... uninstalling it now...
Jose A.
José A."...updt 100612...the engine f. th brain >func...thanks..."...080712..."261012"011112"

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