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Jun 14, 2012
2.0 and up
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Backup Assistant Plus


Backup Assistant Plus Description

Protect the media on your phone by backing it up to Backup Assistant Plus cloud

V CAST Media Manager has been upgraded to Backup Assistant Plus!

Protect the media on your phone by backing it up to the Backup Assistant Plus cloud!

Protect the pictures, music, videos and documents stored on your tablet, computer or compatible phone, by backing them up to the Backup Assistant Plus cloud…then instantly access them from virtually anywhere! Also included is a secure online address book to protect your mobile phone contact list, so you never have to worry about losing a name or number again.

For just $2.99 per month, you receive 25GB of secure, cloud storage, plus the service’s tablet app, desktop app, web app and a mobile app for your wireless phone. If you need less cloud storage, try our 500MB package for FREE!

The mobile app is available when you need it. Whether on Wi-Fi or the Verizon Wireless data network, you can upload and back up your media to your secure, personal cloud, share* pictures with friends (or post them to an online community), listen to your music, or just kick back and play back your favorite movie! The mobile app gives you access to music, videos, photos and documents stored on your phone or in the cloud….all with a single app!

Set up your account now and immediately begin to:

•Back up your media and contacts so they can be restored should something happen to your phone, tablet or computer.

•Transfer media between any of your phone, tablet, and computer devices.

•Play back and enjoy your music, video and photo collection stored on your phone or in the cloud!

•Share* your media with friends or post them to an online community.

•Upload and play your media with the mobile app’s Wi-Fi feature…it simple to set up and use!

To get started, simply download and install this app on your phone, then from your tablet** visit the Android MarketTM and enter “Backup Assistant Plus” in the “Search” bar to download the FREE tablet app. You can also visit to download the FREE desktop app so you can back up the media stored on your computer and learn more about the service’s many features and benefits!

*Content identified as copyrighted is not available for sharing
** Visit to learn if your tablet is compatible.

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Google Play Comments

Very buggyI like idea fine but it gives a lot of trouble. I'm using the free 500mb storage to backup my phone's pictures. It backed up about 350mb worth. I set it to run every night in case I take any more pix they will make to the server that night. But even if I don't take any pix, every morning it says my backup failed because there isn't enough space available. Haven't they heard of just backing up new stuff?? Also, it seems to be very intolerant of network hiccups and often can't connect or loses its connection.
LAMEU have 2 pay and if u dont there is the smallest amount of storage. & why did my regular backup assistant stop working?
Wish I could uninstall itI don't use this app, google backs up all my contacts which is all I really want. Just wish I could uninstall it so it isn't taking up space. Only got 400 MB of internal storage and you can't even move the darn thing to the SD card

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