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Apr 08, 2013
2.1 and up
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Baby Monitor All-In-One


Baby Monitor All-In-One Description

The idea is as simple as the use of this program: Baby Monitor All-In-One is designed to help parents to watch the baby using one or two Android devices.==> TRY THE DEMO VERSION BEFORE BUYING THIS APP <==★★ Never leave the baby alone. This is a very usefull tool but can’t substitute a human ★★Baby Monitor All-In-One is divided in two main modes: Nanny mode and Walkie Talkie mode.• Do you have only 1 Android device?You can use the Nanny Mode which after detecting noise during an specified period of time will randomly reproduce your voice recordings and your selected songs. After a maximum number of detections, the Nanny will call to the desired alert phone number, will activate the hands free and the person who will receive the call will be able to listen the baby and
talk to him.The Nanny is also capable to switch on the device light to calm the baby and to call you when the battery is low.You can use any kind of phone to receive the Nanny call!!• Do you have 2 Android devices (phone or tablet)?You can use the Walkie Talkie mode. Simply connect them by Bluetooth or WiFi and listen the Baby side from the parents device.That’s all? No!! Walkie Talkie mode is more than this, let’s take a look to the main features:→ Characteristics of the parents side:√ Video function: view and listen your baby at parent's device (wifi connection).
√ Allows you to listen the baby and talk to that side.
√ Allows you to adjust the noise sensitivity of the baby remotely.
√ Allows you to switch on/off the baby light remotely.
√ Allows you to adjust the audio volume of the baby remotely.
√ Allows you to reproduce songs to the baby remotely from a selected list.
√ Controls the battery level of the baby device remotely.
√ Alerts if the connection is lost.
√ Search the Baby's device automatically on wifi networks.
√ Notification when receiving phone calls on Baby's device.
√ Automatic reconnection if communication is lost.→ Characteristics of the baby side:√ Allows you to mute incoming calls, alarms, etc.
√ Allows you to create a song list.
√ In case of connection lost, returns to the waiting connection mode automatically. You’ll find detailed help of how to use Baby Monitor All-In-One on each screen.★★ iOS version comming soon.
★★ Optimized for phones and tablets.Required permissions:- Full internet access necessary for wifi connections using Walkie Talkie mode.
- Modify/delete contents necessary to record/delete/modify voice recordings.
- Hardware controls necessary for voice recordings, audio volume settings and camera flash.
- Call to phone number, read phone state and read phone contacts necessary for Nanny mode alert callings.
- Bluetooth and WiFi administration necessary for configure connections using Walkie Talkie mode.
- System tools necessary to detect and manipulate different device states in both modes.→ NOTE:The maximum range of Bluetooth depends exclusively on the device models used and the obstacles in between (doors, walls, etc..).Keywords : babymonitor, baby monitor, babyphone, baby phone

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