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Baby Care - track baby growth!

Track babies grow up, help to become more experienced parents! Baby Care - Track baby feeds, baby sleeps, baby poops(pees), baby growth and more, support multiple reminders to help parents/caregivers remember to take care of the baby when busy.
Also can use this tool to write baby's diary, add baby's photo, voice record and share with friends.
.Support multiple babies
.Support to create multiple widget for each baby in your home screen
.Support user defined baby icon
.Track baby mood, breast feed, bottle, solid, sleeps, pee/poop, health, hygiene, vaccination, medicine, teeth and more
.Track baby growth(weight, height, head circumference) .Track pumping milk
.Breast feeding/Bottle/Solid/Diaper/Sleep/Wake/Pumping milk chart
.Schedular chart
.Temperature chart
.Teeth Chart

.Height/weight/head circumference percentile chart by DOB/Due Date(for premature child)
Compare your baby's growth data with CDC/WHO guidelines.

.Baby Calendar
.Daily stats
.Compare today's stats with last 7 days
.Diary book
.History view and Timeline view
.Photo gallery
.Baby's voice record
.Multiple/multi-type reminder
.Share baby's daily activity with your friends via SMS/Facebook/Twitter/Email etc
.Share baby's growth data
.Share baby's diary
.Share baby's photo and voice record
.Back up data to SD card
.Restore data from backup
For my lovely son, Lucky.
KW: baby, parents, newborn, baby growth, Mom, Dad
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