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Apr 08, 2013
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Ayk Description

Smart? Lets see if you can play this then.
Ayk is a UNIQUE concept that you would not have seen in any other paper or electronic format, app or video game. Its the ONLY GAME of its kind.You won’t be looking for a paper puzzle ever again! Sudoku is easier - so if you can't add, its not for you.With 10 levels to test your abilities, intuitive interface. NO internet access needed to play it. Supports touch screen.Ayk [Ay.K] by itself means 'One'. Its derived from Sanskrit word Aykaik [Ay.Ka.Ik] meaning 'Each One'.Basic rule is: Keep adding the numbers until you find yourself with just one digit.
For example, 312=3+1+2=6
Or another example, 16 + 48 = [1+6]+[4+8]=7+[12]=7+[1+2]=10 (1+0=1). So its ayk is 1The app gives you a grid with some blocks filled with numbers and many others empty. Your job is to choose from the random numbers from the bottom of the screen and try to put them on the grid.How? Ayk of all horizontal matches right-most block, and Ayk of all vertical blocks matches the bottom block.Lower levels are easy enough while Higher levels have higher numbers AND you cannot overwrite. All based on what you think your geniusity level is.Fun to play for kids, adults and seniors. Gets a great mind workout, not too stressful neither a lollipop. Almost seems like a step-game of Sudoku.Plus: 10% of ALL earnings from the app to us after taxes and commissions to google will be given to charities for Education of Children in or near your country of purchase. We have given thousands in children's education charities and will continue to do so through this app as well.It still is cheaper than the price of your daily Coffee.Instructions to play:
1. Choose a level and you will be presented with a grid. Some empty, some not.
2. Based on your level, SOME right most column blocks and SOME bottom row blocks will be filled with individual number.
3. You will need to pick the numbers from 4-block row and put them on the grid in such a way that the horizontal and vertical blocks match teh Ayk of that row and that column.
4. Easy! Or is it???

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