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Apr 21, 2013
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
Avg. score: 4.7
Rating: 497

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aWARemote Pro for Winamp®


aWARemote Pro for Winamp® Description

Do you sometimes ask yourself what is the best way to remote control Winamp® with your Android Smartphone?Here is the answer:aWARemote Pro is a WiFi remote control for Winamp® (for PC) providing the following features:
-Play/Pause, Next, Previous
-Playlist and basic editing
-Media Library (Audio and Playlists)
-Media Library Search
-access saved playlists in Winamp®
-Start/Stop Visualizations
-Album Cover
-AND MUCH MORE TO FIND OUT!Check Preferences for Performance options and additional features.You just need to install the server application from (click on "Get Pro Server") and (in the app) enter the IP Address of the host computer.If you have problems, contact me at gebdev@gmail.comWondering why the app wants to have certain rights? Check out the FAQ on for explanation.IMPORTANT: If you buy at AndroidPit App Center, please note that you won't get tablet UI and the ICS ready version.Also, this remote is only for controlling Winamp on your PC, not the Winamp app for Android!I hope you enjoy it!Winamp® is a trademark of AOL, Inc.

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Google Play Comments

This app works great with my modded Nook ColorThis app works as advertised. Especially useful if you would like to start Winamp from your mobile device. Note: Some uses may experience connection issues if they are not familiar with adjusting their firewall settings. Check out the FAQ.
GoodVery useful. Not a huge fan of the interface, though. As someone else mentioned, it would be great if you could browse songs without selecting album first.
Great appAmazes our friends by changing the music while sitting on the deck. Wish I could see and choose from all songs by artist, genre, etc. without having to select an album first. 5 SOLID stars if this app had that feature. Also wish I could browse existing playlists and select one when saving playlists.

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