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Nov 06, 2012
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
Avg. score: 4
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Auto Call Recorder


Auto Call Recorder Description

Automatic call recorder.
Record all desired calls on your phone.
Select which calls to record:
You can record all calls or only those that are from numbers that are not in your contacts.
You can play, save and share the recorded calls.

Please note that on some devices recording a call is no possible so please take that into consideration when rating the application.

Auto call recorder also supports wav , ANR, 3gp formats.
Recording on an external sd card or any location desired is also possible.
The audio source is now configurable.
For playing the 3gp format you can use the "MX Video Player".

If you have a problem with the recording, please try to record with a different audio source,
which you can configure in the settings tab.
Try to record with speaker on or off , until you find the best combination for your phone.
For example you can try Audio Source -> Voice UpLink and speaker off.

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Google Play Comments

App worked originally, but not now Galaxy 2SAt first it would record my calls, but now it won't play any of my calls back to me, despite using different sources and recording file formats. At some point when I originally downloaded the app, it worked just fine, but since updates, I guess it has stopped functioning. Also, this new dropbox feature, while a great idea, doesn't work either. What the hell? Oh and I use the Samsung Galaxy 2S
Great App but I reverted to v3.13Version 3.13 shows me all important details like call length & time, and how long ago the call was neatly. In the latest version these features were moved to a 10sec summary displayed on the screen after the call. Sometimes it records a call but it gives it the wrong title and once in a blue moon it fails to record a call or two. The clarity of the recorded calls is excellent and does not drain the battery. Great work by the developers.
TintinWhen i make a call it recoqpds but when i play it, it is 100% slower so im unable to listen to it

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