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Jun 16, 2011
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Autism Classroom Set Up


Autism Classroom Set Up Description

Classroom Set Up for Autism and Special Education Classrooms.

An App for Special Educators.

Do you teach in a self-contained classroom? Do you have students with special needs in your room? Do you need to set up a classroom for students with intensive needs? Then start here. The "Classroom Set Up" app is a mini-book version of’s book How to Set Up a Classroom for Students with Autism: a Manual for Teachers, Para-professionals and Administrators. Made for educators teaching in or supervising in self-contained classrooms, autism classrooms or special education classrooms, the book details the beginning steps in creating an effective and productive classroom environment. The "Classroom Set Up" app gives excerpts from various chapters in the book, step by step instructions about creating a class, mini-trainings with tips on managing the classroom and updates from the website. While this company’s first app “AutismClassroom” provides the user with lesson plans for young children with autism and behavior tips for children and teens with autism, this second app "Classroom Set Up" expands on that by addressing the actual creation of the classroom. The app is intended to give teachers, student teachers, professors, para-educators and administrators a peek inside of the book, which is widely used for professional development, before they purchase it for their entire school team for trainings, workshops or for personal use.

Some of the features of the app include:
•Detailed Instructions for Setting Up a Special Education Classroom, Self-Contained Classroom or Autism Classroom

•Chapters on Data Collection, Gathering Materials, Organizing, Collaborating, Managing, Teaching & Working with Classroom Teams

•Excerpts from the book How to Set Up a Classroom for Students with Autism

•E-Z Guide, step by step process for preparing the classroom

•Portable on the go Mini-Training Podcasts about data collection, managing a classroom, creating a schedule, sensory issues, conducting lessons, daily living skills, communication, IEP considerations for students with autism & more

•Tips for helping parents work in the home, from’s book How to Set Up a Work Area at Home for a Child with Autism

• News Updates

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