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Apr 08, 2012
2.3 - 3.2
Avg. score: 3.8
Rating: 77

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Audioshift Tempo+Pitch Control


Audioshift Tempo+Pitch Control Description

Audioshift controls Tempo, Pitch and Vocals of music and other audio played with Android phones and tablet devices.Use it to practice playing music, singing, dancing - or just for pure fun, as nothing cheers up a gray day better than your favorite music played at some +20% additional tempo ...Key features:
- Tempo: Play audio at faster or lower speed without changing the pitch
- Pitch: Change audio pitch (key) without affecting the tempo
- Remove Vocals: Attenuate singing voices from songs to play instruments only
- Works with most common music sources: Android Media Player, Spotify, Youtube, Winamp, Power Amp, you name it...Uses of Audioshift include, but of course are not limited to:
- Practice playing instrument: Adjust music tempo to play slower or faster to practice playing along. Retune the song key instead of retuning your instrument for each song
- Listening to audio books: Accelerate audio book reading if reasing is too slower than your preference, or slow the reading down if you're practicing a new language
- Transcribe music or speech dictation: Adjust tempo to ease transcribing music or dictations
- Karaoke and Singing practice: Adjust music key (pitch) to match your own singing voice. Audioshift Remove Vocals can suppress original vocal sounds for most songs. Slow down music to develop your lung capacity or fasten up to practice quick wording
- Dance & Physical exercise: Adjust music tempo to match with your exercise level
- Just for fun: What is greater fun than listening country artists playing at punk-rock-speed, or any performance at a way different pitch range!Audioshift Full Version features
- Tempo control range for up to ±3-times speedup or slowdown
- Pitch control range of ±24 semitones (±2 full octaves)
- High-quality sound processing algorithms
- Free of advertisements!Notices and known issues:
- Audioshift does not work with Android 4.0 ("Ice Cream Sandwitch") devices. We are inspecting ICS support.
- Audioshift is intended for normal digital audio. It may not work with MIDI songs, depending on your device.
- Audioshift may not affect music played with Default Media Player on some Android devices that bypass usual Android audio layer. If Audioshift does not work with Media Player on your device, try playing audio with other media tools such as Winamp or Power Amp.Keywords: Time shift, tempo and pitch change, time stretch, pitch shift, vocal remove, karaoke, music practice

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Inexpensive and does the job!I use this app every time I teach a dance class where I need to slow the music down. It does exactly what it says it will do: independently adjust tempo and pitch. Sometimes I wish I could access song controls (play, pause, etc) from inside the app, but it's not a big deal for me to switch back and fourth from this app to my music player. Love it overall!!!
Luv it!!!Omg, this is the best any app could get... Makes my songs sound super cool, videos super super cool, and even effects youtube and my ringtone, this has got 2 be the best invention I wood pay $20 for :) Keep up the good work!!!! Byakuya
LOVE this app, but won't work w/Ice Cream SandwichThis was the best tempo changer I found for Android and one of my FAVORITE APPS of all time! I even bought the full version, which is unusual for me. I really hope there will soon be an update that will restore the functionality of this app for those of us who's phones now run the most recent ICS version of Android OS. I really need this software!

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