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Apr 16, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.1
Rating: 88

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Audio Cambridge Advanced


Audio Cambridge Advanced Description

The Audio Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary provides definitions for about 170,000 words, phrases and examples and is compiled to offer what learners need most in a dictionary. The Third Edition offers new, up-to-date vocabulary (e.g. sex up, speed-dating, whiteboard), new 'mini-collocation' boxes, and new frequency information to highlight the most important words to learn. The new Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary gives you everything you need to learn English and pass exams!Over 170,000 words, phrases and examples * Over 79,800 high-quality English audio recordings with UK and US English pronunciations compiled and recorded by Cambridge University Press
* You will find newly added Illustrations and photos to illustrate the word definitions.
* Common grammar and style and usage labels included
* Examples included in the word definitions show you how to use words in the most natural and fluent way.
* All the important new words that have come into the language (e.g. dirty bomb, lairy, 9/11, clickable)
* Only words from a defining vocabulary used to help make definitions easy to understand
* Over 90,000 examples, mainly full sentences, show you how English is used in context and help you write natural English.
* 25,000 collocations show the way words work together in English
* Automatic recognition of inflected formsA search tool Featuring various search options to help you find the words you need more easily, including: * A quick search of words while you type
* A 'fuzzy filter' for when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a word
* A 'keyword' search for finding key words within phrasal verbs
* A wild card search facility which can replace a letter or a group of lettersA learning toolThe dictionary app includes a number of features which help you to expand your vocabulary further: * A 'Favourites' feature allows you to create your own categories and lists of words
* Your last visited words are all saved in your 'History', so that you can quickly look back at recently checked words
* Discover a new word every day with the 'Daily' feature
* Ability to have dictionary Word of the Day as a widget on the device home screen
* See words in context with example sentences
* Online and offline modes supported; the offline mode allows you to download the whole dictionary and work independently from data connections

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AlbertCambridge dictionary is the best in term of explanation However, there are rooms for improvement with this app as I could not look up idioms without going into a word and search for a specific idiom so it wastes my time a lot. This app developer should make changes to suit customers' need OR CAMBRIDGE SHOULD ASK SOMEONE ELSE TO DEVELOP HER APP WHO UNDERSTAND AND HELP HER CUSTOMERS WITHOUT WASTING THEIR TIME. Thank you
Content is 4/5, software is 3/5I've tried all of the available learning dictionaries recently and finally bought this one. Not because it would be a 5 stars app, not at all, but it is still the best available. Content is just OK, only Longman is better, that has more words, more example sentences, audio sentences, more pictures, but that has unusable UI. Software is a general MSDict reader, has nothing to do with Cambridge guys, do not blame them. So the software is usable, but suffers from many usability issues, the worst ones are: - audio player buttons (US/UK) have to be selected with long tap (???) and activated via a context menu... are you serious??? - on definition pages you have words you do not know.. since you are a learner.. :) you try to open the definition of such a word... you have to long tap again... many times since often nothing happens and the use a context menu again to select "open"... again.. what kind of design it is?? These annoying flaws could be fixed in 2-3 days (i'm an Android developer too), please do it! Respect your customers who paid 20 bucks for it! I know that it is a general reader and you do not care too much for Cambridge... but still please do it for us!
OK but not enoughSounds should be played in offline and text should be reflow when zoom. No synonyms or antonyms!!!

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