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Jul 24, 2013
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 178

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Au Weather


Au Weather Description

Simple, concise, Australian weather app: (ad free version):
* BOM observations and forecasts
* Customisable 2x1 widget
* 4x1 Widget with 3 days' forecast & UV where available
* 4x2 Clock widget
* 4x2 Widget with 3 days' forecast & UV where available
* Multiple location widget support
* Temperature in status bar (black/white/colour/boxed via widget)
* Use nearest weather station or select specific from over 750 BOM weather stations
* UV index & warnings (where available)
* Radar loop: current station or select specific
* Share weather (email, SMS etc.)
* Temperature/pressure graph for last 24,48,72 hours or 5 days (where available)
* Last 24hr observations (where available)
* Low data use
* Ad free
* Update frequency setting
* Pressure sensor support (device specific)
* High contrast option (white text on main screens)
* BOM State Weather Warnings (from detail menu)
* Widgets JB lock-screen enabled (try the clock on lock screen!)

Please try out Au Weather Free before purchasing to decide if you find the app useful. Note that the functionality of the paid version is essentially the same as the free, ad supported version, except for:
* additional radar ranges
* default radar range
* select any radar location
* more graph period options
* 4x2 widgets (will come to free soon)

* This app uses the mobile network to determine location (not GPS) - if your location does not update see the FAQ to enable mobile network location.
* This app only displays Australian weather from BOM weather stations.
* The app was originally designed for Android phones only, however, it should work on most tablets, however, the layout is not optimized for tablet.

Made in Australia
Tomfusion is Australian owned and operated - see Help for more info.

Please read disclaimer.

Email with for support - feedback and suggestions welcome.

If you experience issues with the app:
a) check the FAQs (see Help menu on Favourites screen) or
b) email

Side note: I rarely read user comments since it makes me lie awake at night. However, I do read every relevant support email sent to the support email address.

More info at

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Google Play Comments

Nov 2012Still the best weather app for AU in the market. Plenty of support from the devs & is always updated to fix any problems promptly.
November 7, 2012
Has been fantastic thus far, although last update isn't allowing the radar to work which I used a lot :( otherwise I'd give 5 stars. 
GreatExtremely useful. It's great to have something so accurate, using the BOM data. There are better looking widgets but none are as useful. Would like more appearance options for the large widget though.

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