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Nov 16, 2013
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 4.6
Rating: 142419

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App Lock(Smart App Protector)


App Lock(Smart App Protector) Description

★★★ The Best App Lock downloaded more than 10 Million ★★★

Smart App Protector(App Lock) is an App Locker or App Protector that will protect your installed applications using a password or pattern!(Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Gallery, Camera, Gmail, Skype and any app you choose)

App Lock also can lock screen brightness and lock screen rotation for any installed apps!

✔ Protects(Locks) installed Apps using password(PIN or Words), pattern, or gesture
✔ Locks screen brightness and Locks screen rotation
✔ Locks incoming calls and outgoing calls

■ Features
• Lock installed Apps using password (number, character), pattern, or gesture
• Fake Forced Close pop-up
• Wi-Fi whitelist to deactivate lock at whitelisted locations
• Set Lock Time to only activate lock at certain time
• Lock 3G data
• and Lots of More features

Smart App Protector(App Lock) is the best app locker or app protector that will secure your smartphone and protect your privacy. App Lock also can lock your data such as pictures, SMS messages, and videos.

■ tag : app lock, app locker, app protector, password, pattern, pin, gesture, screen lock, rotation lock, app manager, safe, security, secure, sms lock, message lock, whatsapp lock, gallery lock, image lock, picture lock, photo lock, video lock

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Google Play Comments

PerfectBest app. Tried a few apps but nothing like this. Quite stable... jst one thing,still got killed by task killer eventhough is in my lock list. Assist smart app sometimes didnt restart & hv to manually open the apps to enable tis app restart again. However,still best app ever
Stupid.At the bottom of the lock screen, theres a button that says 'password' on it for those who forgot their own password. Click on it, and it'll prompt you to type in a four digit code...THE CODE IS WRITTEN RIGHT THERE next to hint. It says hint: 7777. Type that in, and you access the app! Just like that! Is this some kind of mistake? Anyone who has brains then could just access my 'locked' apps through this. And i cannot find a way to disable it.
Ricardo Ulises
Exactly what I was looking for... and more!Awesome! Just change the name of the widgets, they are too long and cannot be sure what they are for until used. Needs better promotion of paid features directly on the app, not sure what they are or even if I need/want them. For those saying it's stupid, try changing the password... duh!

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