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Apr 12, 2013
1.5 and up
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Anywhere Map--Aviation GPS


Anywhere Map--Aviation GPS Description

The Anywhere Map Freedom app is an innovative GPS technology for use for today's pilots. How do we know you'll love it? Because it's developed by pilots that love technology that use it every day when we fly too! How is this different than the other apps on the market? Because we offer more than just another pretty chart viewer--we offer you a real moving map GPS application with terrain and night views, as well as including the charts that everyone is offering. Our charts are ALWAYS geo-referenced--we never make you pay extra for that feature!

For $49.99 you receive the Anywhere Map Freedom app with all of the geo-referenced US sectional and enroute charts as well as all of the US Approach Plates. The purchase includes a full year of updates to the map and chart data.

Major features:
• Track up or North up
• Day mode or night mode
• Approach plate on map and/or dedicated approach plate
• Patented Cones of Safety®
• TAWS (Terrain Avoidance Warning System) graphics
• Vertical Navigation (VNAV) guidance with target altitudes at waypoints
• Virtual Glideslope / Localizer to any runway endpoint
• Unlimited custom views allow for extensive map customization

Aeronautical Digital Database features:
• Fixes, navaids, airports, private airports
• Victor airways including MEAs
• Localizers and marker beacons
• Runway info including paved / unpaved and lighting
• Radio frequencies including AWOS
• Class B/C/D airspace boundaries
• MOA / Restricted / Alert / Prohibited areas
• SFR and TFR graphical depiction

Surface map features
• 100 meter Terrain elevation resolution – sharpest in the industry
• TAWS warning or shaded terrain
• Highways
• Radio towers and obstacles

Geo-Referenced Graphical Chart Features
• Seamless Sectional Charts
• Seamless Low Enroute Charts
• Approach Plates and Airport diagrams--can be over-laid on moving map screen
• STARS, DPs, Minimums, and TERP Reference pages with page-flip buttons for multi-page documents

Find Nearby Functions:
• Nearby Airports / VORs / ATIS / AWOS / ATC / FSS frequencies

Internet based weather depictions
• Nexrad mosaic overlays on any view
• Graphical Metar Flags
• Terminal Forecasts
• NOAA weather graphic charts--Progs, Winds Aloft, Freezing Levels

Flight Planning & Route Creation
• Drag and Drop on screen flight planning
• Universal finder airport / waypoint search tool
• Victor airway based route wizard
• Flight plan screen with fuel usage calculations
• Winds Aloft compensation for better fuel consumption estimates and ETA
• Unlimited Aircraft profiles includes fuel use, glide ratio, and weight and balance
• Unlimited User Waypoint entry
• Track history / Breadcrumbs

Alerts and reminders – Personal Digital CoPilot®
• Switch Fuel tanks
• Check fuel pump
• Check Landing Gear
• Begin Descent
• Check Oxygen
• Obstacle Ahead warning
• Flight following – altitude and heading hold assistance

Map Screen Display and Formatting options
• Compass Rose overlay
• Graphical Metar Flags on map
• Day and night mode color schemes
• Graphical depiction of grass runways
• Knots / MPH quick toggles
• Track / Bearing display
• ETE / ETA times to destination or next waypoint
• E-HSI slaves to flight plan or the runway centerline
• Destination weather graphic

Pilot Tools:
• Flight Timer – only runs when aircraft is moving.
• Elapsed timer
• Winds aloft / TAS / Density altitude calculations
• Weight and balance calculator
• User customizable quick tools menu
• Regional download controls

Device must have a dual core processor and at least 512Mb of RAM.

Anywhere Map Freedom is intended for use in North America, and includes US charts ONLY.

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Google Play Comments

Dont bother for AlaskaMay be a decent app. Sectionals are nice. The interface is not intuative to a 10yr Garmin user. Biggest problem is there is apparently no terrain data for Alaska, and it gets confused by the P instead of K in the airport identifier. I cant just plug in PAFA for Fairbanks and flight plan for it. Glad i got it for the 49.99 special price instead of full price. It took too long to download the data to know I would not have all the features to retun it.
Getting betterRuns good on my rooted Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Each update seams to be better and better, but still has a ways to go. Some features still don't work (like XM weather), still keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to future updates.
Does just about everything I'm looking forThere are a ton of aviation GPS apps for the iPad, but very few on the Android. This one works on both, the features are identical, and it works very well on my Nexus 7 using the internal GPS. The current 1.00.100 seems very stable and feature complete (some users indicated that prior versions might not be ready). The UI is intuitive and as easy to use as any other iPad app I've tried. The information you want is there -- sectionals, airport info, plates, charts, METARs, Wx, TFRs, Geo-Referenced taxi diagrams, etc. You can download the whole US, or you can get just the region you live in. I came from the old AWM world, so a big selling point for me is that my old AWM subscription is covered so that I can use my Dell PDA as a backup in case something happens on the Nexus in flight.

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