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Nov 15, 2013
2.2 and up
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Antivirus & Security


Antivirus & Security Description

Protect your Android mobile device with the Free Mobile Security & Antivirus App

Securifox Mobile Security Features for Android:

►Scans installed apps, settings, SD card for mobile threats containing add-ons, privacy, malware, spyware, and viruses.
►Kills tasks that slow down your phone’s performance.
►Monitors battery, storage, and mobile settings.
►Continuously monitors your device for any possible threats. Status updates and notification alerts
to ensure you never miss a threat. Comprehensive detection of viruses, malware, spyware, add-
ons, and privacy risks.
►List of applications that are accessing your device & services running on your device.
►Optimizes phone to increase memory.

Securifox is a tool that helps protect your mobile phone from viruses, add-ons, malware and privacy risks. It optimizes the performance of your phone while providing you with the boost your phone needs and alerts you of any malicious apps and downloads. With Securifox, you get complete mobile protection and detection with detailed notifications of any issues that may be affecting your phone’s performance. Securifox will continuously monitor your phone and notify you when third party or malicious apps access your phone’s private information.

Get additional benefits when you upgrade to Securifox Premium Subscription. Additional Premium Features include:
►Detailed threat descriptions of malicious apps trying to access your personal information, contact
list, read or modify your SD card content, access internet, system’s tools, settings, and more.
►Remove threats running in the background and improve phone’s performance.
►Activate ID Protection and Securifox automatically monitors your offline identity
• Identity Theft Protection- $1,000,000 insurance to help restore your identity.
• Proactively monitoring your identity & risk score, while protecting your privacy.
• Personal alerts & 24/7 support to answer all your personal identity questions.
• Lost wallet protection.
►This application includes a 7-day free trial with all of the Securifox features.
►Premium pricing (auto-renewal): $4.99/mo. with all the added protection and premium features
for your device & identity protection.

Get complete Mobile Security and Boost your Android’s performance with Securifox Antivirus, Malware, Spyware and Real-time Monitoring Protection.

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