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May 27, 2013
1.5 - 4.1
Avg. score: 4.7
Rating: 7

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Android Speed Booster


Android Speed Booster Description

★TEMPORARILY 50% OFF★★Network Signal Speed Booster- $9.99
★Android Antivirus Pro - $9.99
★GPS Signal Booster - $9.99
★Wifi Range Extender - $9.99You can get this $40 value for only $15!
Get the latest in android enhancement technology!
This app allows you to boost your GPS signal, extend your wifi range, optimize your battery usage to make your phone last longer, and erect a firewall to protect you against malicious viruses that can get into your phone! We simplified these processes for you as well, allowing you to do any of these things with a single click of a button.
★Network Signal Speed Booster★
The app designed to revolutionize your Android experience and boost your signal!
With a single click of a button you can:
★ Make your internet speed faster
★ Never miss a phone call
★Increase call quality
★ Transform your 1 or 2 bar connection into a 4 or 5 bar connection.
★ Recieve text messages on time, always.
.. and much more!
This app works by resetting your network connection, and then reconnecting to the radio, and then maximizing that connection so that your Android device can run smoother and faster!
No ads.
★Android Antivirus Pro★
Get the latest in android firewall software.
Protect your android from malicious viruses and stop hackers from stealing your info!
You enter many of your passwords into your phone as you browse the internet on your phone, that can be picked up on by hackers, who can use it to ruin your life. Or a malicious app might be used to steal your passwords. This app will prevent that with a simple click of a button. We simplified the process as much as possible for you. We also minimized the battery drain as much as possible, but you can always disable the firewall if you want, but we do not recommend doing so. If you do disable it, clicking "enable android firewall" will make your firewall come up again.
The firewall will also stop invasive ads from stealing your private information, but will not stop ads from appearing.
Protect your phone now before someone steals your data!
Note: Clicking either button twice will not do anything extra.
★GPS Signal Booster★
Never deal with a slow gps speed again! Boost your gps signal speed, and save hours of your time, and make your gps work like how its suposed to! Don't deal with slow maps, slow load times or maps that don't even work ever again! Download this app, and then with a simple click of a button you can optimize your gps signal so that you can get the most out of your android. Buy now and any future updates to this app will be 100% free!
* Give the app about a minute to work after clicking the signal boosting button.
★Wifi Range Extender★
#1 Wifi Range Booster for androids!
Experiencing problems with your wifi signal? Does it seem like you have to be right next to your router to get a signal? Then this is the app for you! Using innovative code it will allow you to extend your wifi range and make it better then ever.

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