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Jun 28, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 2414

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ABong 420 - weed pot smoking


ABong 420 - weed pot smoking Description

Turn your device in a realistic virtual bong and show it to your friends.

What is high? Turn your phone into a virtual cannabis bong ;) Fire up, smoke and get high, VIRTUALLY! Pass around at every party, watch your friends, have fun!

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Smoke the bong, all day long! 420 times and more :)

An app for all you weed smokin' stoners, pot crackin' hippies and wanna be rasta mans out there! Smoke your favorite marijuana weed, ganja and indica hemp on this virtual bong simulator game. Each marihuana bud has it's own unique THC trip visual, for you and your friends to enjoy high times. Just vaporize the hash dope and *CHONG* see what it's like to be on a psychedelic hashish trip: whereever, whenever and as often as you like... bud without breaking any drug laws. Choose even more water pipe styles and lighters in the head shop to blunt up your smoke.

How to Play the Game:
- Fire the lighter
- Hold the kickhole
- release!
- inhale!
- relax! :)

Please report any problem to:
We always reply asap. Remember: Everytime you downrate an app, god will kill a Nyan kitten! ;)

★★★★★ ONLY 4 ANDROID ★★★★★

Blow some air, pass around and share! :)

Good cannabis and ganja culture is all about love, peace and sharing. Watch your friends smoke the bowl. Roll a joint together and pass the hash pipe around at the next party. No need to go to your half baked local shisha bar, skunky coffee shop or wait for your own cannabis sativa seeds to grow. Just stuff the spliff and have fun! This simulation app is exclusively for Android, so you can even show it off to the next apple fanboy. Hemp for victory!

What other users should be saying ;)
Mary Jane: "Very funny! Blunt and simple."
Pakalolo: "Cheech'z! Bob Marley would have loved it!"
Schwag: "This is even better than a real hookah."

This app is for entertainment purposes only. Cannabis and other drugs are not yet legalized in most countries. Stick with the virtual game and have fun: savely. Don't try this at home! Also keep away from nose candy like cocaine and other drugs.

This app uses anonymous Flurry analytics which can be opt-out at:

"The weed of marijuana put in the hookah made from cannabis inside the pot gets smoked 420 times with the bong. A hookah is not used for marihuana drugs but THC rich blunts doped with ganja are made by the rasta man or hippies." What? :) Have fun!

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★★★★★ INSTALL NOW! FREE ★★★★★

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It's OK but there needs to be an update.Make items cost less or give us more green. Also, improve chances of winning green on play and win.
Great item!A must have for even when your at parties, friends houses, public places/ terrorizing others lol, and when your empty..... keep it coming. Had for over a year now.
Good butYou need to make it where you smoke so many times you get 100 once you loose all your green if u got no money uu can't get more green fix it and ill tell all mmy peeps about it and ill upgrade it

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