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Mar 23, 2013
2.3.3 and up
Avg. score: 4.7
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4x4 Inclinometer PRO


4x4 Inclinometer PRO Description

This app is a car inclinometer instrument for measuring angles (in degrees) of slope and tilt.
4WD off-road enthusiasts understand the importance to have it on board.
Based on the internal sensor that most of the android devices have nowadays, it shows a drawing/picture of a 4x4 off-road vehicle of your preference tilting on an artificial horizon.
It is also known as pitch & roll indicator.
Actual rolling and pitching angles of your truck can be measured only when the vehicle is still. (or moving at a steady speed)
When not in motion, the maximum right/left tilt for a vehicle before it turns over is around 25~30 degrees and somewhere around 40 degrees in a front or rear slope. Of course, depending on many factors and characteristics of your vehicle. Suspension lifts, for example,rise the center of gravity. So, maximum safe operating angles are reduced. Therefore extra caution is required.
While moving on road, it can be used also as a g-force reference, so you can use it as warning on how fast you are taking curves by setting the alarm to suitable levels.That is not it !! If your android device have a GPS receiver, you can also enjoy measures of altitude, speed and a compass. (in PRO version) (Compass is not magnetic but gps based, therefore works only in motion).Place your smartphone or tablet in your car´s holder, while it is still and leveled, press calibrate, set the alarms to the desired point (in PRO version) and you are ready to go !
BUY THE PRO VERSION AND ENJOY FEATURES SUCH AS:-Keep the configuration of vehicle, alarms and calibration after switching on/off the application.
-Set rolling and pitch alarms to the level you want. By a "long press" in the alarm LED and then slide your finger up/down.
-Choose the 4x4 vehicle that best fit your car or the one you like the most. By a "double tap" on ME logo.
New vehicles will be added as number of users demand for a new model.
-GPS navigation aid. Altimeter, speedometer and compass are available in the bottom display if a receiver is available and turned ON.

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