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Oct 09, 2011
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3D Blast Billiards


3D Blast Billiards Description

This is the realistic 3D Blast Billiards game in the Android market in which you can view from different angle and play with at that angle.
It is the Blast Billiards game that fully embraces the incredible 3D physics engine and effects.Game features:
1. Stunning 3D graphics
2. State-of-the-art 3D physics engine for ball and cue action
3. Detail scoring panel
4. Ball/cue hit sound is added
5. 3/6/10/15 balls are selectable The game is controlled entirely with the fingertip. You pull and slide around the playing area to get a better perspective of the entire game. How to Play:
1. Get your mind ready to strike.
2. Tap and hold the yellow ball (a cue will appear)
3. Drag your cue to the desired position for your throw.
4. Eye your target and direct the cue to the target ball. You'll notice that you can align your shot with amazing precision.
5. The force of your strike can be adjusted by pulling the cue back with your finger.
6. Make your strike by releasing the cue.
7. Evaluate your striking performance.Scoring:
1. Each ball marks with a count down value (count down from 99). The count down value is the score for this game if you put it into the four corners or half-circle in the middle.
2.The early you put the ball into the goal, the more score you get.
3. The game is over if the ball with count down value equal to zero.
4. A bonus score is added if you put all ball into the goal within time limit. The bonus score is calculated as 4 times of the count down value of the last ball that you hit it into the goal.
5. A score penalty, -100 is exercised if the yellow ball goes into the goal.
Press Menu key to toggle menu. You may change your favorite view by selecting "3D Dynamic" and play with at that angle by selecting "3D Fixed". Please check out "3D Bowling", "3D Mastermind" and "3D Air Hockey" in the Android market which is an another game you may be interested in.Keywords: Blast Billiards, Pool, Ball game, Snooker, Sports game

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