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Jul 12, 2012
1.6 and up
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Backup your SD card to your own computer.

0 Backup is backup solution for your Android device, allowing you to fully backup your external SD card to your own computer.

Think about it: your contacts and calendar are probably synchronized to your Gmail account, your mail corporate server or your MS Exchange corporate server, but what's about the data in your SD card? The documents you have created with Documents To Go, Quick Office or any other office suite; the passwords you keep within KeePassDroid; the photographs and videos of your family; the quick notes you take with your favorite notes editor; all of them and many others live in your SD card, so most of your data lives in your SD card. Back it up!

Other backup solutions say to make a backup of your phone, but if such backup is kept only on the SD card of your phone, it is still in risk of being lost or stolen. 0 Backup can help you back up also such data form the SD card to your own computer.

Other backup solutions store the backup on online storage servers, usually subject to a monthly fee. 0 Backup does the backup to your own computer, so no extra or hidden fees apply.


* Backup your SD to a shared folder in your computer whenever you want.
* Uses SMB/CIFS. No need to install specific software in your computer.
* Exclusion list, to avoid wasting time and space in the computer with expendable data (music, emulator ROMs...)
* Schedulable automatic backup, to set-and-forget it (Gold only).
* Automatic turn WiFi on and off for scheduled backup (Gold only).
* Configurable to use only WiFi, to avoid wasting your expensive mobile data plan.
* Configurable to use only your own WiFi network, to skip backup when traveling or so (Gold only).
* Configurable to stop backup when not charging, to avoid wasting battery.
* Configurable to try to continue on errors.
* Configurable to remove previously backed-up item on server that has been removed on your SD card.
* No need for root.

Known problems:
* To avoid piracy, the folder .android_secure cannot be backup'd. It contains the applications that have been moved to the SD card (from Android 2.2 Froyo on), but not data nor configurations, so just reinstall them if you need it.

Check the web page at for information, reference manual, guides,...

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Gets the job done.Successfully backed up my SD card to CIFS shared folder on my network storage.
Matt Ward
Love it, will buy for schedule. 
Problems configuring for my computer, but Javier went way beyond what would be ...Problems configuring for my computer, but Javier went way beyond what would be expected to assist me. Now successful and I am buying the Gold version.

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